Summer Seminar, Colorado Springs. June/July. See ANA at for more details.

Counterfeit Detection of US Coin with additional emphasis on recent Chinese-made counterfeits.

  • 1st session instructing with Jim Robinson of APMEX
  • 2nd session instructing with Bob Campbell of All About Coins.
  • Visit for more information.



December - ANA Online Seminar - Counterfeit Detection. See for details and to sign up.

All in-person seminars cancelled due to Covid-19. If you or your coin club are interested in a Zoom online seminar, contact me or the American Numismatic Association.

  • Special Seminar for Law Enforcement - Invitation Only. Long Beach, March 2020.
  • ANA Summer Seminar - CANCELLED
  • ANA Online Education Seminar on Zoom. 360 Students from 17 countries. Check the ANA's website to find out about future seminars in none are listed here.
  • Virginia Numismatic Association, Counterfeit Detection Seminar. Sept 2020 CANCELLED


  • ANA Summer Seminar.  Counterfeit Detection U.S. Coins Session 1, 2019
  • ANA Summer Seminar.  Counterfeit Detection U.S. Coins Session 2, 2019
  • ANA Summer Seminar.  How to Detect Artificial Toning - Mini Seminar
  • ANA Summer Seminar.  Coin Conservation - Mini Seminar



 2014 ANA Summer Seminar, How to Detection Counterfeit United States Coins



Past Seminars & Lectures:

  • Portland, Oregon, 2018
  • Raleigh, North Carolina, 2018
  • Santa Clara, California, 2018
  • Raleigh, North Carolina, Oct 2017 Counterfeit Detection
  • Virginia Numismatic Association Fall of Sept 2017 Counterfeit Detection 
  • ANA World's Fair of Money August 2017, Denver, CO: Coin Conservation, Authentication and Grading. Saturday-Monday, July 29-31 2017.
  • ANA Summer Seminar June 17-29, 2017: 
    • Session 1: Counterfeit Detection, June 17-22 with James Robinson
    • Session 2: Counterfeit Detection, June 24-29 with H.Robert Campbell
  • ANA National Money Show March 2017, Orlando, FL: Problem Coins, Grading and Conservation.
  • Virginia Numsimatic Association:  Coin Grading, Problem Coins & Conservation, Sept. 21-22, Fredericksburg, VA. 
  • Pawn Expo, Las Vegas, NV July 12-14, 2016Counterfeit Detection & Certified Grading
  • Detecting Counterfeit & Altered United States Coins, Session 1 & 2, ANA Summer Seminar, 2016
  • Coin Grading, Problem coins and Counterfeit Detection. FUN Show Jan 2016
  • Mint State Grading, World's Fair of Money, Chicago, IL. 2015.
  • Detection Counterfeit & Altered U.S. Coinage, ANA Summer Seminar session 1 & 2. 2015. Co-instructed by James Robinson, APMEX Numismatist and H.Robert Campbell, Owner, All About Coins, Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • How to Detect Artificial Toning, ANA Summer Seminar, 2015. Assisted H.Robert Campbell
  • Conservation of Coins: 201, ANA Summer Seminar, 2015. Assistant Instructor.
  • Coin Grading, Problem Coins and Conservation, World's Fair of Money, Chicago, IL. 2014.
  • Detecting Counterfeit & Altered U.S. Coinage, ANA Summer Seminar sessions 1 & 2. 2014
  • Detecting Counterfeit & Altered U.S. Coinage, ANA Summer Seminar session 1, 2013